Hello, my name is Steven Johnson and I’m the founder of The Infinite Investor (TI2). I started the Infinite Investor or what I like to call TI2 with one mission, and that was to help people understand and navigate the complex world of personal finance. The only caveat is that I probably view and teach personal finance completely different than most because I see it as just a small piece of a much larger puzzle.

Growing up, I understood very early on that money played a huge part of people’s everyday lives. Yet, I could not understand why we never really learned about it in school. I remember going through all of my math classes - and wondering how is it that I’ve never taken a class on how to balance a checkbook but I’m learning about algebra, geometry and even trigonometry. I could always remember myself as a kid playing monopoly by myself and wanting to own a slew of businesses when I grew up. Unfortunately, I never had anyone to help me hone in on the right skills that would help me to turn those desires or interests into something tangible.

I started out teaching myself how to do taxes at 16, I was licensed to sell life insurance by 19 and was studying for my series 7 exam by 20. It was a hard grind during those years, but something that I learned about myself was that I was more interested in teaching people about their money, then I was in just selling them a bunch of financial products.  I also discovered that I was in no way ready to be in business for myself.

Many people start out in business with grand expectations of making it big, and I was one of them. Then I realized why 90% of businesses fail in the first year. The first reason is that it’s extremely HARD and the second is its even HARDER if you have no clue what you’re doing.

Well that’s where I found myself, and so I walked away from selling financial products and joined the AIR FORCE!! I would never have guessed that my service would have led me to a new career path in information technology that has helped to further my business and my income. Yet even with that, I still never lost my passion and zeal for personal finance. As a matter of fact, as my income increased I discovered that I needed the personal finance skills even more. I realized that although I was making a 6-figure income, I still had a 5-figure mindset, and this led me down the path to personal development.

What I hope to share and explore with the TI2 community is the 25 years of financial experience that I have gained. All of the positive and negative decisions that have led me to own several businesses, investments in all types of asset classes as well as rental property and house flipping . Yet the key principle behind what I teach at TI2 is that the real investments are not stocks, properties or mutual funds. The real investment is YOU!  I realized that my knowledge, preparation and experience were ultimately the things that affected my decision making, which in turn made me a more disciplined investor. It didn’t matter what the investment was, because ultimately, I was the investment.

It is in these previous experiences that I hope to share with you, the ones’ that I wish someone would have shared with me so many years ago. I’m glad that you have found us and I hope that you stick around for the ride because I literally want to help you grow not only your money, but also to grow in every area of your life. In return, my only ask would be that if this blog is a blessing to your life, that you share it with as many people as you can. This will help us spread the message of financial freedom to anyone and everyone who will receive it. With that not only will you see your money increase, but also the increase of  richness in your life. I look forward to working with you!!!


“The best investment that you will ever make is the one that you make in yourself”